Why Choose Us

As it can be hard to find the right tour and adventure you are after, here are some points why to choose a tour with Kakadu 4WD Safaris.
Kakadu awesome wildlifeSee more of Kakadu
• Small groups with a maximum of 9 making it a more personalised experience

• Troop carrier vehicle with trailer ensures minimal impact on the environment

• Permanent wet season camp- no dormitory accommodation- you are still close to nature

• Get the real stories of Aboriginal Culture and Rock Art in Kakadu and share Kakadu 4WD Safaris extensive knowledge of Kakadu’s flora and fauna

• Learn about Aboriginal bush tucker and medicines

• The aim of our tours is to educate, explore and have fun- not designed for people looking for a 3-day party!

• Eco and ROC certification- contribution to environmental conservation and support of local community

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