Kakadu Litchfield Packages

If you are thinking of visiting Litchfield National Park along with Kakadu, we have a great value package by combining a 1 Day Litchfield tour with either our 2 Day Kakadu Accommodated tour during the Green season or one of our 3 Day Kakadu Camping tours during the Dry season.

Green (Monsoon) Season – October to May – 3 Day Kakadu Litchfield Package


  • 1 Day Litchfield Tour
  • 2 Day Kakadu Tour
  • Jumping Crocodile Cruise
  • Park Entry Fees
  • Swimming & Walking
  • Ancient Rock Art
  • 1 Night Budget Accommodation
    in Kakadu.

Every Friday we either run our own Litchfield Add-on tour or alternatively book you on to one of our Industry colleagues for a day of swimming & exploring Litchfield National Park.

As such, the 3 Day Package is available for departure on Wednesdays & Fridays.

The Wednesday departure will travel to Kakadu first for 2 days and return to Darwin Thursday, with the Litchfield tour on Friday.

The Friday departure will of course travel to Litchfield first and then depart Darwin on Saturday for 2 days in Kakadu.

Accommodation & Meals in Darwin between tours is NOT included. 

Refer to 2 Day Kakadu tour for more details about what you need to bring etc.