Gunlom FallsKakadu CreaturesKakadu National Park is Australia’s largest national park at 19,840 square kilometres (equivalent in area to Wales or Israel). It is the world’s second largest national park after Northeast Greenland National Park at 972,000 square kilometres.

Kakadu National Park is managed jointly by its Aboriginal traditional owners and Parks Australia. The traditional owners are proud to share their country with visitors.

Kakadu is UNESCO World Heritage Listed for both natural and cultural values and is jointly managed by Traditional Aboriginal owners and Parks Australia. It is one of four Australian sites included on the World Heritage List for both outstanding cultural and natural universal values.

The park is extremely important to Aboriginal people, and many communities still occupy the region.

The Aboriginal art sites of Kakadu National Park are a unique artistic achievement that provides an outstanding record of human interaction with the environment over tens of thousands of years.

Kakadu’s many habitats support more than 280 species of birds, or about one-third of Australia’s bird species. Some birds range over a number of habitats, but many are found in only one environment.
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